Friday, November 16 2012, I was invited to talk in the fall meeting of the Workgroup Separation Science (WGS) of the Royal Dutch Chemical Society in Geleen, Netherlands. The theme of the meeting "HYPERformance Liquid Chromatography" may be regarded as a prelude to the HPLC2013 symposium in Amsterdam in June next year.


The venue was very well chosen at the science campus of DSM Resolve in Geleen. There were about 70 attendees from the Netherlands and the Flamish part of Belgium.

I was given the challenging task to talk about UHPLC with superficially porous particle columns. Challenging because since many, many years separation science is an essential element of the curriculum in analytical chemistry in the Netherlands. So one is confronted with an audience competent in chromatography.

While preparing for the talk I realized the debate that is currently going on among leading scientists in the field in modeling the transport phenomena in SP particle columns. Allthough meanwhile a consensus is building up, there remain quite a few question. In my talk I have tried to address this consensus. But the lively discussion that came up after my talk is indicating the there is "enough food for thought" left.

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